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About Tucker-Jefferson Neighborhood Association

In the heart of Midtown, the Tucker-Jefferson neighborhood is nestled between Overton Park and Overton Square, two of Memphis’ greatest assets. Here, residents are friendly and look out for each other. On every block, you’ll see us walking our dogs, playing with our kids, chatting on porches and working on our lawns. The neighborhood itself is racially and socio-economically diverse, with residents of all walks of life.  From the writers, musicians and artists living in the colorful shotgun houses that line Rembert Street to the photographers, accountants and graphic designers in turn of the century homes on Court Avenue, our residents contribute to the richness of the Midtown experience.

Tucker-Jefferson is the proud home of one of Memphis’ most valuable organizations, the thriving Memphis College of Art, which has expanded its presence with new buildings and student housing that maintain the flavor of our neighborhood. Memphis favorites like Boscos Squared and Malco’s Studio on the Square theater complement the College’s artistic vibe.  Several small businesses, including Italian grocery stores, a mail center, an optometrist, beauty shops, and banks, offer residents the option of doing business with neighbors. A short walk away for all residents are the Brooks Museum, The Memphis Zoo, Overton Park Golf Course and old forrest, Playhouse on the Square, Evergreen Theater, Circuit Playhouse, and numerous coffee shops and restaurants.

For many Memphians, Tucker-Jefferson is a destination. For us, it’s home.

Our purpose is to form an association of residents and interested parties to work together to make our community a more desirable and safer place to live.